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25/01/2023, 12:05:28 Noise pollution from Bakso Cak Ali Jl. Tukad Balian.

Yang Terhormat, Bapak, Ibu Noise pollution: From “Bakso Cak Ali”, Jl. Tukad Balian (near intersection with Gg. Damai, and opposite Perum Bali Arum Sidakarya)

1) “Bakso Cak Ali” has installed karaoke music equipment and blast out loud music regularly in the morning and/or late afternoon/evenings.

2) Location “Bakso Cak Ali” is only around 20-25meter from our villa bedrooms. This is disturbing us with bass thumping sound inside our building even with windows and doors closed!

3) I tried again to have “Bakso Cak Ali” owner to turn down the music volume today: He was not polite and told me the music was not loud! I had enough with this problem and issue official complaint!

4) “Bakso Cak Ali” business is located in the green belt. So how can they have IMB and business permit in the first place to run outdoor karaoke music place??

5) If the “Bakso Cak Ali” owner do not want to respect neighbours, then I suggest the karaoke equipment is immediately confiscated by authorities. The toko building design with open front and concrete walls amplify the sound in direction our house. The “Bakso Cak Ali” need to understand this is a problem! Thank you, Resident at Perum Bali Arum No. 1.

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Kasat Pol PP - Satuan Polisi Pamong Praja Kota Denpasar 25-01-2023 12:24:45
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